Earn 5% Interest

Earn 5% Interest on your future Log home purchase

Future Lok-N-Logs customers have a chance to make some hard cash when buying their log home. If you are planning on building in the next calendar year or beyond then you can earn 5% interest on your log home deposit.

Your deposit can earn interest until you take delivery of your log home!

Details of interest on your deposit: Lok-N-Logs, Inc. will pay 5% interest on all package deposits received for log homes that are not shipping in the calendar year the deposit is received (Interest will be calculated on a daily basis). Example: a $10,000 deposit is received on 01/15/17 from a customer who wants delivery on 3/15/18. The interest earned would be $10,000 x .05 = $500.00 divided by 365 days or $1.37 per day times 350 days (The number of days from 1/15/17 to 12/31/17) or $479.50. Interest will stop being paid at the beginning of the calendar year the house is to be delivered. Interest earned will be discounted from the contract price at time of shipment. If an order is cancelled, no interest will be paid. Deposit will be refunded in full less any portion of design fees for drawings in process or completed. The deposit does not lock in price. Final package price will be based on current rates at time of shipment.